Food & wine

If you like cooking the Périgord is paradise on earth. Every day you can enjoy finding your fresh ingredients at a farmer market in one of the villages near by. Look out for local specialities such as fois-gras, confit, magrets, walnut oil -cake -liqueur and the list goes on and on. Of course we will be delighted to tell you just where to find the best produce and by the way doing your shopping in a supermarket, with the exception of loo paper, is considered a crime here! For all fresh herbs you don't have to look very far we have planted an aromatic garden near the pool for you. Nothing nicer than a fine wine to accompany a good meal, you are spoilt for choice with three excellent wine areas in the vicinity the most well known of course being Bordeaux but Bergerac and Cahors have some excellent bachalian pleasures in store.

In the Dordogne mother nature is generous with its inhabitants; all seasons bring forth some delicacy or another. No half measures the year begins and ends with a crescendo the truffle season from December to February. This is an excellent moment to come to La Bourlie and enjoy a visit to and purchase a "black diamond" at the truffle market in Sainte Alvère. The weather in January can be blissful and the chances are you can have your brouillade au truffe outside on the terrace. Spring is strong on Asparagus, and plants most people have forgotten about such as dandelion for salads and stinging nettles for soup both of which can be picked on our fields.

Then if it rains a bit and the sun warms the earth, the chanterelles and cèpes start popping up and with it the legendary fairy tales of a dangerous species of snake in the forest.The local way of discouraging foreigners to go mushroom picking! Next come strawberries, not any old strawberry but the legendary Maras des Bois a real delight and irresistible when covered in heaps of crème fraiche from the farmer. In the good old days it was known to be exported to such far away places as Dean and Delucca in New York. Although now that French fries have become freedom fries the fate of the Périgordin strawberry is such that you have to come to the Périgord to eat it. Oh well, life goes on and if you are in La Bourlie in the summer and early autumn you will be spoilt by the many varieties of fruit trees and walnut trees in the park that drop their goods into your lap. When the leaves start falling it is time for assembling chestnuts in the woods and roasting them in the open fireplace for dinner. And then before you know it, Happy Christmas it's truffle season again!

So maybe now you can understand why, even if a Périgourdin leaves his homeland to venture out into the world, eventually will always come back here. To our knowledge the Périgord is the only place on earth where you can have your cake and eat it